Soroka joins Dansha in protest against TPLF, roads remain closed

dansh road block1 dansha road block 2

ESAT News (March 22, 2016)

The protest that began on Sunday in Dansha, north Gondar, continued for the third day on Tuesday and people in the nearby Soroka have shown their solidarity to stand with the people of Wolkait in their struggle to free themselves from the TPLF tyranny.

There was exchange of fire on Monday between armed men in Dansha and the regime’s forces and sources said the confrontations continued on Tuesday as the regime deployed additional federal and regional forces to the area.

On Tuesday, religious leaders in Soroka said at a gathering that they would stand with the people of Wolkait in their quest to be free from the Tigrayan repressive administration and restore their respect and recognition as Amharas.

The recent protest in north Gondar was sparked when regime’s forces on Sunday abducted one of the leaders of the Wolkait people, Leley Berhane, who has been spearheading the demands of the people. The people of Dansha in response blocked major highways passing through the town.

Sources told ESAT that two more leaders of the movement were arrested on Monday while several others were also arrested on Tuesday.

Ethiopians in all directions of the country have been protesting against political and economic marginalization by the minority regime from north Gondar to Konso, south Ethiopia and throughout the vast region of Oromia as well as the Gambella region, while at the same time, the specter of famine is looming large once again. The response from the TPLF minority regime has been violent crackdown to the demands of the people; and denial of the impending famine up until last week when the country’s puppet prime minister called on the world to help millions facing starvation.