Rights group documents extrajudicial killings, torture, rape in the Oromia region of Ethiopia

ESAT News (March 15, 2016)

The Human Rights Council in Ethiopia released a report on Monday listing names and pictures of peaceful protesters killed and injured in the Oromia region of Ethiopia in the last four months. The Council reports of extrajudicial killings, rape, abduction, torture, beatings and other violations perpetrated by forces of the tyrannical regime.

The report released on Monday was only a portion of the people killed in the protests and the Council said it was extremely difficult to collect all data as unrest was still continuing in the region.  It however was able to document names and pictures of 103 people who were killed by the forces and 57 others who were being treated at various hospitals for gunshot wounds.

Most of the deceased were under 20 years old. The list also includes 12 and 13 year olds killed by soldiers of the Ethiopian regime. The report also contains names and addresses of 6 people whose whereabouts were not yet known.

The report also indicated families of Befekadu Diriba, killed in Ameya town were made to pay 100 birr for the release of the body of their loved one.

Political parties and rights groups estimate at least 500 people were killed by security forces in the last four months of protest sparked when the government attempted to widen the city limits to the surrounding Oromo farming communities. An estimated 5000 people have also been detained.