LATEST : Konso under siege, regime forces detain traditional chief

ESAT News (March 05, 2016)

The despotic regime in Ethiopia has again unleashed its brutal force against the people of Konso who have been demanding their constitutional rights of self-administration, challenging the system that claims to respect and give rights to ethnic groups.

Shots were heard in Karat, the special administrative town of Konso and regime’s forces have arrested Mr. Gezahegn Gela, the chairman of the elders committee established to present the demands of the people Konso to the Federal government, according to sources who spoke to ESAT from Konso.

The regime’s southern special forces have indiscriminately shot at people who tried to prevent the forces from arresting Mr. Gela. It’s not yet clear how many causalities were from today’s shooting. Regime’s operatives blame opposition political parties for the unrest. A delegate of the Blue Party, Mr. Aklilu was under a house arrest as the forces cordoned his residence.

Having heard the news, people in the surrounding rural communities flocked to the town to back up their people. The Arba Minch – Jinka road that passes through Konso has been blocked, forcing drivers make a U-turn.