Chinese company selected for the construction of Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy despite similar offer by local companies

ESAT News (March 29, 2016)

A Chinese company was declared winner in the bid to construct the headquarters for Meles Zenawi Leadership Academy, named after Ethiopia’s late dictator, despite similar offer by local companies. The local companies have submitted their complaints with the relevant authorities, according to local media reports.

The Chinese company offered to construct the complex for 65 million dollars, an amount also quoted by the local companies. Two local companies Yotek Construction and Afro Tsion Construction have filed their formal complaints to the authorities.

Thirty construction companies have shown interest to construct the headquarters for the Academy that will lay on four hectares of land. The complex would have nine buildings with 7 to 9 storeys. The Addis Ababa administration would cover the cost of the construction, it was learnt.