Tension remains high in Gambella, Five killed in the last two days of ethnic violence

ESAT News (February 12, 2016)

Reliable sources in Gambella say tensions remain high in Gambella despite attempt by high ranking officials of the federal government to mediate reconciliation between the Anyuaks and the Nuers, the two ethnic groups tangled in a bloody violence over the last couple of months. The sources said five Nuers were killed in the last two days in Abobo and Itang.

Any trip by a member of one ethnic group to the other side would be deadly, according the sources.

The Ethiopian military has taken over the region and the fate of the regional president and his deputy is not yet known. Sources said high ranking army officials have taken over the routine administration work of the regional government. The regional special forces who are made up of the two ethnic groups, who also took part in the violence, were made to surrender their arms and are now being debriefed.

The Anyuaks were reportedly not happy about the mediation by the federal forces. They accuse the regime’s forces of instigating the violence and siding with the Nuers.

The Nuers from the South Sudan are being extradited to their country, according to reports.