Taxi Strike brought Addis Ababa to a standstill, Roads blocked in Gondar

ESAT (February 29, 2016)

Taxi drivers brought Addis Ababa to a standstill on Monday February 29, 2016. Thousands of commuters were stranded at several taxi stations as no taxi service was provided on four major ways in the city.

Even though the government said it had suspended the implementation of the new directive, which bars the drivers for three months if they score less points, the taxi drivers went on strike. The organizers said the directive would severely harm the job security of drivers. They also called for drivers in other region to join the protest.

It was reported that bus drivers in other regions have joined the protest. Reliable sources said bus drivers are on strike in Assela, Bale, and Robe.

Meanwhile, the people of Dabat, North Gondar blocked roads with tree trunks and stones strewn on the asphalt road, blockading the route to Mekele and Shire.

The organizers told ESAT that they would not stop their protest unless the TPLF led government resigns from power.

It is recalled that a three-month protest against land-grab and maladministration in Oromia region severely crippled the government. Government security forces killed hundreds and arrested thousands of protestors.