Local militia in Oromia region kill members of Agazi forces in retaliation for the killing of peaceful protesters

ESAT News (February 15, 2016)

The protest in the Oromia region of Ethiopia that is well into its third month has gotten even bloodier today as local militia in West Arsi killed 11 members of the Agazi forces (special kill squads of the regime) in retaliation for the killing of two protesters, according to the Oromo Media Network. OMN’s report was not verified by other sources but information obtained by ESAT earlier in the day revealed 2 federal police members and 7 protesters with gunshot wounds were admitted to the hospital.

Today’s carnage was sparked when Agazi forces shot into a bus full of weeding goers who were playing a popular song among protesters which the forces requested to be turned down. The Agazi forces started shooting as the driver of the bus takes off to avoid the altercation, injuring four people.

The forces then went to the town of Shashemene and killed two individuals by the name Filica Wariyo and Ushexo Negasso, OMN reported. Four others were also injured. In retaliation, the local militia killed 11 members of the Agazi forces, the report said.

Protesters in Shalla, West Arsi, broke into the local prison and freed over a hundred political prisoners, according to OMN.