Ethiopian regime forces arrest dozens in Guji, South Ethiopia, as protest continues unabated

ESAT News (February 12, 2016)

Security forces arrested at least thirty seven people in Guji, south Ethiopia in a bid to crackdown on protesters who demanded political and economic justice in the region where poverty runs deep despite the prevalence gold mines and other gems, which are siphoned by the corrupt regime and its close allies.

The regime sent its regular army to the region to silence the growing protest against MIDROC Gold, the company with close ties to the corrupt government and which has been mining 4.5 metric tons of gold every year for over 20 years. The locals were furious that they have gotten no benefits whatsoever when cronies of the government amassed so much wealth from their land. They are also demanding for the release of prisoners of conscience and for the formation of a fair administration in the region.

The army has rounded up people whom it deemed were leaders of the uprising. University students and members of opposition political parties were among those arrested in the latest round of crackdown by the security forces.

A protester told ESAT that they were taking the protest to the rural areas as the towns have become too dangerous as the federal government keeps sending forces to squash protesters.