Abba Gada, Oromo traditional leaders, warn of the consequences of killings in the Oromia region of Ethiopia

ESAT News (February 25, 2016)

oromo protest 5

(Pictures: UNPO and OMN)



The council of Abba Gada, an assembly of revered Oromo traditional leaders has passed an extraordinary resolution denouncing the arbitrary killings of the Oromo youth and warned the minority government against such senseless and brutal acts, according to a report by the Oromia Media Network (OMN).

The Abba Gadas, who represent all the localities of the Oromia region of Ethiopia, and who have gathered for a two today deliberation on the issue, said the demands by the people were legitimate. They have also said they were on the side of the people of Oromia in their struggle for political and economic rights, according to OMN.

Agazi forces of the tyrannical government in Ethiopia meanwhile continue to unleash deadly force against protesters in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Despite warnings by the Prime Minister, Haillemariam Desalegn, who said on Tuesday that his forces have been instructed to take a “once and for all” measure, protests continue all week all over the Oromia region as Agazi forces killed and wounded several protesters, according to social media posts.

The Prime Minister blamed the protests on the “forces of destruction,” a customary reference to opposition political groups abroad and neighboring Eritrea. Reports by human rights groups and the media show protesters were peacefully demanding political and economic rights; the Prime Minister, however, accused protesters are bent on removing his government by force.

Human Rights Watch and other rights group estimate over 200 people were killed in the three month protest. Oromo media and local sources fear the figure could be much higher. It is extremely difficult to put an exact figure on the number of deaths and injuries as the areas of the protest are off limits to journalists and rights activists, according to critics.