Prominent Ethiopian scholar says protest by the people of Oromo legitimate, calls for support for armed struggle

ESAT News (January 08, 2016)

Prof. Getachew Haile, a prominent historian and human rights advocate, said   that the demand by Oromo students for economic and political rights was legitimate and need to be supported.

Prof. Getachew said in an interview with ESAT that the expansion of cities have left farmers devoid of their land, which is their livelihood, making them even poorer while those who encroached the land were accumulating wealth at the expense of the poor farmers. Hence, he said, the ongoing protest was a just and legitimate one. He called on all Ethiopians to denounce the hostile policies of the government against the people of Oromo. He said this could happen to any ethnic group and the remedy was for all political forces to come together and work as one to do away with the minority regime.

Prof. Getachew Haile said the goal of the struggle and the sacrifices being made should be for the formation of a democratic system that would serve all the diverse ethnic groups equally.

He also said he does not believe the minority regime would hand over power   through the ballot box or peaceful struggle. He called on Ethiopians to support those political groups that are waging armed struggle.