Police kill a university student in Adama, three killed in East Hararghe as protest intensifies in Ethiopia

ESAT News (January 05, 2016)

Agazi forces (snipers of the minority regime in Ethiopia) shot and killed a student at Adama University, 60 miles from the capital Addis Ababa, as students continue to stage a peaceful protest rally against the government’s handling of human rights in the country and encroachment of rural farmlands by the regime under the guise of development projects. Several others were also being treated at the hospital for gunshot wounds, an eyewitness told ESAT on the phone.

Students took shelter at the nearby church to escape the brutality of the Agazi; the forces however followed them and viciously beat them, according to witnesses. The Agazi forces also went to the bus station to stop students from going to their families.

In a related news the regime’s forces have reportedly killed three people in Kobo town of east Hararghe yesterday. Irate at the brutal action by the regime’s forces, residents of the town and people in east Hararghe have boycotted buses operated by the oligarch regime.

Meanwhile, members of the army who hail from the Oromia region of Ethiopia have condemned the brutal killing of students by the Agazi forces. Reports say the lethal action taken against peaceful protesters have infuriated a considerable number of members of the army.

Chairman of the Oromo federalist Congress, Dr. Merara Gudina, meanwhile called on Ethiopians to wage a coordinated struggle against the regime. He also called on all democratic forces to come together and lay the foundations for a democratic Ethiopia and take the lead in the struggle launched by the people against the minority regime.