Government files charges against Ermias Amelga

ESAT News (January 19, 2016)

The Ethiopian government has filed charges against a banker and real estate mogul, Ermias Amelga, for what the Ministry of Justice said was failing to keep his promise to resolve his dispute with people who made payments amounting to 500million dollars for the construction of houses. Ermias was put behind bars a week ago and the Ministry said he would face over 80 charges.

Ermias went to exile for two years following charges that he had failed to deliver houses for which over 2000 people made payments of about 500 million dollars to his Access Real Estate for the construction of houses.

In February 2015, Ermias went back to Ethiopia from Dubai, where he stayed for two years, following guarantees by the government that he would not face any legal actions, according to reports. The Minister of Justice, Getachew Ambaye however said his government did not give such guarantees.

Ermias was the founder of the controversial Access Real Estate and Zemen Bank. He is also known for pioneering the production of bottled water in Ethiopia.