Ethiopia says 18 million people need immediate food assistance

ESAT News (January 05, 2016)

Ethiopia said today that the number of people who need immediate food assistance has reached 18 million this month.

Commissioner of the National Disaster Prevention Committee, Mitiku Kassa said at a press conference that 8 million of the people would have needed food aid regardless of the current drought.

The United Nations meanwhile warned of grave humanitarian crises in Ethiopia if people are not provided with an immediate food assistance. The UN alleges the government is not providing the victims with the necessary assistance. The UN said 5 million children in six regions of the country are faced with famine and half of them are already suffering from acute malnutrition and health problems.

UN fears the current dry weather conditions would exacerbate the already worse situation in the country.

Government spokesperson, Getachew Reda told a press conference today that the response from the international community to the crisis fell below the expectations of his government.