ESAT web site and New Server Migration

Notice to all ESAT Viewers and Radio Listeners

RE: ESAT web site and New Server Migration

Effective this coming Saturday June 6 to Sunday, June 7 ESAT web site will not be functional. We are undertaking a migration from the existing server to a new server with much higher capacity. The expansion of ESAT web services has necessitated such a migration to a new server.

  It is believed that the following services shall be impacted due the new service arrangement :
  ESAT  email,All  ESAT text news,radio files and video files on ESAT's web site, 

ESAT IT Department has arranged for Flash page that would redirect ESAT viewers and radio listeners to YouTube and ESAT face book.

We thank you in advance and apologize for the inconvenience this may create during the transitional period estimated to be not more than 24 hours.

IT Team will be available to assist on any issues.

ESAT IT Department

Tel : 1-888-772-3727 ext 1