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Ethiopian lady raped by a gang of six Sudanese detained

Ethiopian lady raped by a gang of six Sudanese detained


January 29, 2014

 ESAT has managed to obtain a video clip that shows an Ethiopian lady named Kedria Endris being sadistically raped by a gang of six Sudanese youth; the lady is under police custody in Sudan.

Arega, the Head of Diaspora Section at the Ethiopian Embassy in Sudan, has admitted that the lady has been ‘raped’ but he said higher officials need to give him permission in order to give much information.

The lady had contacted the youth in October last year looking for a place to rent. The youth, promising to find her a place took her to a room where they sadistically raped her, fooled around her naked body and also video recorded their acts.

Embassy insiders told ESAT that the Sudanese government that has been worried of its own images has detained Kedria in Morgan Police Station; the Embassy official said the lady is in a good condition. The Sudanese Court is attempting to protect the State from being responsible by blaming the victim of not reporting the incident when it happened. Kedria says she did not immediately report the assault because the perpetrators had warned her that they would kill her if she reported it.

ESAT could not speak to Kedria as she has been barred from speaking to anyone. Those who want to speak to Kedria in prison are required to bring a special letter from the Ethiopian Embassy; some human rights groups that had wanted to visit her in prison have been unable to do so as they could not obtain the letter from the Embassy.

Some of the perpetrators have been detained while many are still not yet apprehended. Although the Ethiopian Embassy in Sudan has been saying that it is following the issue closely; it has not so far been able to get the lady freed from detention.

ESAT has learnt that Kedria is currently pregnant. It is not known if her pregnancy was as a result of the ‘rape act’.