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More Muslim activists rounded up in Kemise

Dec. 30 (ESAT News) Over 10 young Muslim activists were reportedly rounded up and detained Thursday in Kemise, Amhara region. A number of Muslim activists who were detained in previous raid have also been said to have been taken to Addis Ababa and were jailed under the pretext of involving in acts of terrorism and handling weapons.

Sources told ESAT that there was a house to house search  that security forces conducted in the town activists suspected of involvement in protests over the interference of the regime in their religion.

Meanwhile, Muslim activists challenging the regime over its undue intervention in Islamic affairs, including handpicking leaders of the Islamic Supreme Council and imposing the Al Ahbash sectarian faith, have planned to stage a nationwide protest on January 4.

The nationwide protest is aimed at not only observing the first anniversary of the start of the Muslim movement but also pressing the regime to desist from interfering in the affairs of Ethiopian Muslims, who are demanding respect for their constitutionally-enshrined freedom of religion.