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Judges in Oromia quitting in droves

Dec. 30 ESAT News–Judges in Oromia have reportedly been quitting in large numbers as a result of lack of judicial independence. The number of judges that decided to leave their jobs last year was over 100. But the number was double this year.

After the Oromia Supreme Court president, Tadesse Negisho and his deputy, Seid Jundin, were forced to quit their positions illegally  the number of resignations is said to have increased significantly, according to a judge who spoke anonymously with ESAT.

The two judges were forced to resign as their loyalty to the regional as well as federal governments were questioned, the judge said.

The two Supreme Court judges were forced to resign in violation of the rule of procedures that clearly state that certain procedures should be followed to remove the judges appointed to such senior positions.

The fact that the two Supreme Court judges in Oromia were practically removed in contravention of the law is indicative of the height of regime’s arrogance and disrespect for the legal system, according to the judge who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.