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ONLF denies defection of “top leader”

The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) has told ESAT that Abdunir Abdulahi, who appeared on ETV on behalf of ONLF, does not represent the front. ONLF says that the person who appeared on TV declaring defection was a junior official fired by the front in October.

Although the Ethiopian government says that Abdunir was in Addis renouncing the “terrorist” activities of ONLF, the front dismissed the claim as a propaganda ploy.

Hassen Abdulahi, a senior official of ONLF, said that Abdunir was an ordinary member of external relations in Kenya and he was fired by front after he was found to be spying for the TPLF-led regime.

He pointed out that the Ethiopian government had already claimed to have signed a peace accord with ONLF at Sheraton Addis a few months ago but even that proved to be a futile ploy that backfired on the regime.

ONLF has presence and networks in 64 countries is gaining strengthen from time to time, according to Hasen Abdulahi.