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Bahir Dar city officials accused of grand corruption

ESAT News (Dec. 25)–A letter sent to Bereket Simon alleged that Badir Dar city officials under the tutelage of Mayor Fanta Dejen are involved in criminal activities including grand corruption.

The letter sent to Berket anonymously by an insider details a number of allegations related to corrupt practices and graft that has blighted the city administration.  The alleged perpetrators mentioned in the letter included Kibret Mohamed, head of revenue office, deputy manager of the city’s service provisions, Fikre Mekonnen, and Tsegaye Mulatu, deputy head of micro-finance.

The letter also allege that various officials have grabbed and transferred land illegally to themselves and their relatives. The mayor has also been accused of organizing a group involved in repressive measures with the support of some unscrupulous business people who have been benefiting illegally from the corrupt practices.

ESAT has obtained a copy of the letter which also accuses the city administration of failing to discharge their duties responsibly. The networks created by the city officials have denied justice and good governance to the people, the insider’s letter alleges.