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Ginbot 7 announces formation of armed wing

December 25 (ESAT News)—A group called Ginbot 7 Popular Force (GPF) has announced the launching of armed resistance against the TPLF-led regime that it characterized as oppressive.

The spokesperson of the group told ESAT that the group has laid the ground work to collaborate with other armed groups such as the Tigray People’s Democratic Movement, Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Force, Gambella People Liberation Movement, and Benishangul Liberation Movement.

Asked if the new front is linked with Ginbot 7, a political movement led by Dr. Birhanu Nega, the spokesman declined to comment on this issue.

In a press release it issued on December 23, the front declared that armed insurrection has  become necessary as the conditions for peaceful political engagement in Ethiopia are  firmly shut by the regime in Addis Ababa.

“GPF called on the people of Ethiopia to join the resistance and rise up against the TPLF,” it said. The front also urged the international community “to refrain from bankrolling the criminal regime in Ethiopia and demand that donor countries use their financial leverage to exert pressure on the TPLF regime to stop its policy of terror that will seriously destabilize an already fragile situation in the Horn of Africa.”