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Disenchanted PR workers expose discrimination

ESAT News (Dec. 20)–A group of communication professionals wrote a lengthy letter to the propaganda chief Bereket Simon detailing their grievances related to the discrimination they allegedly face. They complained that a few privileged employees favored by the ruling party were getting salaries and promotions at their detriment.

According to the comlaint letter, the government’s communications affairs office led by Bereket is not only mismanaged but also highly discriminatory in many ways including huge pay disparity among party affiliated workers and others. They disenchanted workers threatened that if their grievances and complaints are not addressed properly in two weeks, they will release damaging audiovisual content to the international media.

The professionals, who stated in their letters that they will no longer suffer in silence, pointed out that the salary disparity and discrimination they have been facing is intolerable.  The PR professional also threatened that they will take whatever it takes to have their basic rights respected and resist being treated as second class citizens.

Party favored employees with less experience and qualifications are being paid double the amount that more experienced and qualified communication professional are getting, the PR professionals complained.